In production…

The murderhobos will finally have their first battle, rather than kill the innocent people of Ironhaven. This issue takes place immediately after the conclusion of issue #6 where the Gang had just killed a boar and they ran into a couple gnolls and a hyena.

When I drew the script to this issue it turned a little over 70 pages, typically I like my comics somewhere between 35-40 pages NO ADS. So, it looks like this issue will be a two-parter rather than a three-act series.

book one
book two

In other news…

Book One, a collection of issues 1-3 (the ALL-Inn) and Book Two, issues 4-6 (The Clog Roads) will be sold at Comic Books conventions only (for now). First planned convention this year will be WONDERCON in Anaheim Ca. in April 1-3 (hopefully).