A collection of issues 1-3

CRITICAL BOTCH the comic (book one)

This is a collection of the first three Critical Botch the Comic issues. Orc Halfington (a half-orc half-human bard), Rick Birdman (a barbarian bird-man), Doc Marten (a druid lizard-man), Jonathan Taylor Tortuga (a Tortle-man wizard), Lorelai Onessa Leon (a moon elf ranger) and Copper Nightflare (a rogue) are on a quest for adventures. Unfortunately for innocent bystanders, theses “adventures” often come at their expense.

This comic book is based on a series of RPG’s played by professional wrestlers on Twitch. This collection is based on their first game together.

This is what happens when you get a bunch of wrestlers together to play a simple game of D&D.


98 pages

CRITICAL BOTCH the comic ( collection 1-3) (lulu.com)